Idil Boran's publications

Scholarly journal publications:

Boran, I. 2016. "Principles of Public Reason in the UNFCCC: Rethinking the Equity Framework", forthcoming in Science and Engineering Ethics.

Boran, I. and Shockley, K. 2015. "COP 20 Lima: The Ethical Dimension of Climate Negotiations on the way to Paris", Ethics, Policy, Environment 18/2: 117-122.

Boran, I. 2014. "Risk-Sharing: A Normative Framework for Climate Negotiations", Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly 32/2: 4-13.

Boran, I. 2010. “Critical Notice: A Liberal Theory of International Justice”, Transnational Legal Theory 1/4: 627-637.

Boran, I. 2009. “On What it Takes to Travel Philosophically Light: A Response to Nielsen”, forthcoming in Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 26/2: 253-264.

Boran, I. 2008. “The Circumstances of Global Justice”, Public Affairs Quarterly 22/4: 335-352.*2008. “Do Cosmopolitans Have Reasons to Object to Global Distributive Justice?”, American Philosophical Quarterly 45/1: 1-17.

Boran, I. 2008. “Do Cosmopolitans Have Reasons to Object to Global Distributive Justice?”, American Philosophical Quarterly 45/1: 1-17

Boran, I. 2008. Interview with Iris Marion Young (co-authored with Neus Torbisco Casals), Hypatia 23/3: 173-181.

Boran, I. 2006. “Benefits, Intentions, and the Principle of Fairness”, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 36/1: 95-116.

Boran, I. 2005. “Rawls and Carnap on Doing Philosophy without Metaphysics”, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 86: 459-479.

Boran, I. 2005. “Sur la portée des prérogatives personnelles”, Philosophiques 32/2: 343-355.

Boran, I. 2004. “On Distinguishing between Types of Impartiality”, The Journal of Value Inquiry 38: 333-339.

Boran, I. 2004 “Le conséquentialisme et le problème de prédiction”, Archives de philosophie du droit 48 (2004): 201-210.

McArthur, D. and Boran, I. 2004. “Agent-Centred Restrictions and the Ethics of Space Exploration”, The Journal of Social Philosophy 35/1: 148-163.

Boran, I. 2003. “The Challenge of Choice: Liberal Theory and Public Education in Multilingual States”, Theory and Research in Education 1/2: 228-244.

Boran, I. 2001. “Contra Moore: The Dependency of Identity on Culture”, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 4/2: 26-45.

Boran, I. 2001. “Autonomy as a Remedy for Language Conflict: Negotiating Territoriality and Identity”, Language Problems & Language Planning 25/3: 237-257.

Boran, I. 2001. “Linguistic Diversity and Justice in Education: Accommodation through Forms of Federalism”, The Schoolfield : International Journal of Theory of Education, special issue on Justice in Education 2001: 61-82.

Chapters in books:

Boran, I. 2007. “Are Some of the Philosophers in Neurath’s Ship Moral Philosophers?”, Michel Seymour & Matthias Fritsch (eds.), Reason and Emancipation: Essays in Honor of Kai Nielsen (Promotheus Books), pp. 265-274.

Boran, I. 2005. “Une nouvelle conception de l’impartialité pour une justice globale?”, Jocelyne Couture & Stéphane Courtois (eds.), Regards philosophiques sur la mondialisation (Presses de l’Université du Québec).

Boran, I. 2003. “Global Linguistic Diversity, Public Goods, and the Principle of Fairness” in Will Kymlicka & Alan Patten (eds.) Language Rights and Political Theory (Oxford University Press), pp. 189-209.

Boran, I. 2003. “Ordinary Language Approach to Theology and Cosmology”, in Dan McArthur (ed.) Humanity and the Cosmos (Global Publications), pp. 51-63.

Book reviews:

Boran, I. 2015. Review of Alan Patten, Equal Recognition: The Moral Foundations of Minority Rights (Princeton University Press, 2014. Notre Dame Philosophical Review, January 2015.

Boran, I. 2009. Review of Gillian Brock, Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account (Oxford University Press, 2009). Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review.

Boran, I. 2005. Review of David Braybrooke, Utilitarianism: Restorations, Repairs, Renovations (University of Toronto Press, 2004), Philosophy in Review 25/5 (2005): 322-324.

Boran, I. 2003. Review of Dorinda Dallmeyer (ed.), Values at Sea: Ethics for the Marine Environment (The University of Georgia Press, 2003), Philosophy and Geography.

Boran, I. 2005. Review of Joshua Gert, Brute Rationality: Normativity and Human Action (Cambridge University Press, 2004), Philosophy in Review (June 2005) 25/3: 181-183.

Boran, I. 2002. Review of Samuel Scheffler, Boundaries and Allegiances: Problems of Justice and Reponsibility in Liberal Thought (Oxford University Press, 2001), Philosophy in Review, 22/2: 141-142.

Boran, I. 2002. DOUBLE REVIEW of Dan Avnon and Avner de Shalit (eds.), Liberalism and Its Practice (Routledge 1999) AND Karl Cordell (ed.), Ethnicity and Democratisation in the New Europe (Routledge 1999), Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.